NSW SL Support Network

Appeal to Australian Universities and the Australian Government on behalf of International Students in Australia

Sri Lanka Association of NSW Inc (SLA) in collaboration with other professional and social Sri Lankan societies in NSW and Victoria would like to make an appeal on behalf of international students studying in Australia.

We make this submission to advocate on behalf of the international students, particularly from Sri Lanka, who are facing unanticipated hardship due to the salutary and timely restrictions in place to manage the COVID-19 pandemic.

Collaborating Sri Lankan societies in NSW and Victoria:

1. Austra-Lanka Muslim Association Inc (ALMA)
2. The Sinhalese Cultural Forum of NSW Inc (the SCF)
3. Australian Advocacy for Good Governance in Sri Lanka Inc. (AAGGSL)
4. Bridging Lanka
5. Darebin Ethnic Communities Council (DECC)
6. Malima Forum
7. Movement for Equal Rights (MER)
8. People for Human Rights and Equality Inc. (PHRE)
9. Sri Lanka Architects in Australia (SLAIA)
10. Sri Lanka Society of Australia Inc.
11. Sri Lankan Agriculture and Veterinary Graduates Association in Australia (SLAVGAA)
12. Sri Lankan Engineering Diplomates Association of Australia Inc. (SLEDAA)
13. United Sri Lankan Muslim Association of Australia Inc. (USMAA),
14. Young Sri Lankan Professionals (YSLP)
15. MJ Legal (Vic)

More Info: Student Submission.pdf