A Strong History

Sri Lanka Association of NSW (SLA NSW) is a non-political, non-religious, and a not-for-profit organisation that was specifically formed to serve the Sri Lankan-Australian community in New South Wales.

Since its foundation in 1973, SLA NSW has been providing community services as well as organising various cultural and social events throughout the year. SLA NSW has also organised and been involved in various activities promoting multiculturalism and fundraising for victims of natural disasters.


A Vision For 2020

Our vision is to build on a strong history to accelerating strategic outcomes, realising results for our members through broader partnerships. We drive to increase member experience, social cohesion, innovation and sustainable administration.


What we set out to achieve?

A common meeting ground

To provide a common meeting ground for persons of Sri Lankan origin and to integrate with the Australian community on a multi-racial basis

Promote and perpetuate the cultural heritage

To promote and perpetuate the cultural heritage of Sri Lanka amongst members of the Association and the Australian community.


To organise the raising of funds and such other things and resources for donations to charities in Sri Lanka or Australia.

Interests and welfare

To propose measures and take action with regard to the interests and welfare of the Sri Lankan community and make representations to State and Commonwealth Governments and other organisations on relevant matters..

New migrants

To contact new migrants of Sri Lankan origin arriving in New South Wales as permanent residents and assist such persons towards settling.


To work towards the advancement of Sri Lankans and Australians of Sri Lankan descent in New South Wales and in that regard to work alone, or in Association with any other organisation.


To participate as a body in matters of special interest to the Sri Lankan community in New South Wales and Australia.

Social cohesion and harmony

To promote social cohesion and harmony among the Sri Lankan community within the framework of a united and democratic Sri Lanka and work towards the perception of the integrity of Sri Lanka as a nation.


To work towards the reform of immigration laws particularly as they affect persons of Sri Lankan origin.


To establish a trust fund or funds to assist persons of Sri Lankan origin in Australia or in Sri Lanka in need generally and to establish solely or in Association with any other organisation a nursing home/hostel/retirement home, together with ancillary facilities or religious centres.

Recognition and welfare

To recognise and support the existence and welfare of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka as a single sovereign nation state

We offer memberships for individuals, families. Are you interested in obtaining a life membership with the association?

Please fill in the membership application form. We will be in touch with once your membership is presented for the committee for approval. We will e-mail you with bank details to transfer the membership fees.

Individual Membership

$10 per year starting 1st November to 30th October

Family Membership

$20 per year starting 1st November to 30th October

Life Membership

A one time membership fee of $150. 

Committee For 2019-2020

Nalika Padmasena

Nalika Padmasena



0424 960 800

Sunil de Silva

Vice President

Saliya Tennakoon

Vice President

Rizan Rizvi

Rizan Rizvi

Public Officer & Secretary


04 300 900 20

Kumi Molligodde


Asha Fonseka


Dinesh Ranasinghe


Padmini Peris

Committee Member

Lakshmie Cromie

Committee Member

Avanthi Jothidas

Committee Member

Christine Samuel

Committee Member

Cecelin Kuveju

Committee Member

Indrani Wijesekara

Committee Member


  • Dr Gani Thenabadu
  • Ananda Amaranath 
  • Ruwan Walpola

Appointed Auditor

  • Nizar Sappideen

Working together

Our value comes from simultaneously unlocking the power of the two most important audiences; our members and wider community. We harness the power of association to help the community to do great things by providing access to networking and engage in social good.

Friends & Partners

Multicultural NSW

Blacktown City Council

Hornsby Shire Council

Sydwest Multicultural Services

Past Presidents


1973-1976 Dr. George Ratnavale
1976/1977 Dr. R.C. J Rustomjee
1977-1979 Dr. (Mrs.) Lilamani Ruben
1979/1980 Dr. Don Wijeratne
1980/1982 Mr Tiddy Wijeratne
1982/1983 Dr. Don Wijeratne
1983/1984 Mr W.W.Ariyaratne
1984/1985 Dr. M.B. Kappagoda
1985/1986 Dr. D.R.L Fernando
1986/1987 Dr. L.S Kotagama
1987-1989 Dr. Harold Gunatillake
1989/1990 Dr. Palitha Abeywickrema


1990/1991 Mr. Cecil Weerakoon
1991/1992 Mr. Lal Gomez
1992/1993 Mrs. Freda Karunaratne
1993/1994 Mr. Tilakaratna Subasinghe
1994-1997 Mrs. S. Wijesena
1997/1998 Mr. Gamini Kulasuriya
1998/1999 Mr. Sunil de Silva
1999/2000 Mr. Roshan Wickremanayake
2000/2001 Mr. Sarath Nanayakkara
2001/2002 Mr. Ananda Amaranath
2002/2003 Mrs. Prinzie Perera
2003/2004 Mr Jayantha Abeydeera
2004/2005 Mr. W.W Ariyaratne
2005/2006 Mr. Aubrey Joachim
2006/2007 Mr. Roshan Wickremanayake
2007/2008 Mr. Kumar Athulathmudali
2008/2009 Mr. Ruwan Walpola
2009/2010 Dr. Nimal Edirisinghe
2010/2011 Mr. Avinder Paul
2011/2012 Mr. Roshan Wickremanayake
2012/2013 Prof. Shelton Pieris
2013/2014 Mr. Ranjan Wijey
2014/2015 Mr. Ruwan Walpola
2015/2016 Mr. Ajith Karunaratne
2016-2018 Mr. Sam Masachchi
2018/2019 Dr. Gnani Thenabadu